About us

Indus Consulting which is a training and consultancy center is there to facilitate in achieving objectives of individuals and establishments who identify themselves with enduring growth by bringing solutions to plan and present.

Our purpose is to raise the quality of the individual, the team and the management and to develop their intellectual wealth.

Our sources are, having a quality-focused work notion, denoting careful attention to being trustworthy, having a transparency principle and being a highly motivated, successful team.

Indus Trainings

The intent of the Indus Consulting is to offer permanent solutions by delivering trainings that are easily transferable from theoretical to practical, exercisable, comprehensible and solution-focused, which are open to general participation and special to organizations, and has a versatile structure that fits your needs and expectations.

Indus offers more then 300 contemporary training themes that have tendency to increase motivation, with our team of expert training instructors made up of successful names of the business world and academics to companies that are leaders in their sectors.

Our Services

  • Configuring Corporate Culture and Vision
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Human Resources Management Consultancy
  • Process Management Consultancy
  • Sales Performance Development
  • Confidential Customer Control
  • Training Requirement Analysis and Programs
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Theatrical Trainings
  • Mythological Programs
  • Institutional Games
  • Psychodrame Performance
  • Developer Cheery Seminars
  • Training Prosecution System
  • Individual and Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Backround Check
  • Trainee Bank
  • Manager Conversation
  • Excerpt Learn – gather from movies
  • Book Consultancy
  • Staff Election with Psychologist Support